Total Eye Care is Dermalogica’s decision for an eye lotion that addresses more than just hydrating the skin. The body around the eye domain is very delicate. It is no wonder that the eyes are one of the first offices to the exhibition the signs of ripening and damage. The meat around the eyes is thinner and does not contain any oil glands.

As we years penalty lines appear due to the lack of wetness around the eye area. The elasticity and collagen break down causing our definition to ditch around. The eye sphere from all of those eras of sun damage. But some aviation suffers from inflatedness and obscurity circles around. The eyes and flakiness and dryness tins become more apparent from the fonts of oils in the eye area. Most eye creams are only capable of hydrating the net around the eyes and in ownership. Some eye creams can be overly hydrating they actually clog the delicate eye region causing milia. Milia can be caused by rich ingredients such as mineral oil or lanolin. I have even found these ingredients in eye structure removers.

Milia can be hard to remove and normally involves treatment with, a skin care therapist who is skilled at removing milia with a needle. Moisturizers in general are made for your excretion and not your eyes. Eye creams are formulated with a smaller molecular structure. So they can penetrate the delicate eye trap and not clog the pores.

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