Make Up

Someone said aptly “Love to make up the world go round”. Is this just a cliché, a dusty ideal, a mommy’s bedtime story? Or is it true? If it is true, it must be true in the end, or so basic, we hardly see it. Politicians and thinkers like Plato have thought out complete systems to govern us. There are also anarchists that reason we should do away with all laws. There has been the feudal system, and Confucianism, or communism, capitalism, socialism. Some Christians argue that capitalism is Christian. But why then did early Christians have everything in common, and that without imposition or force! I think that all these systems would go a long way, if and only if we had true Love, with a capital L.Make up Not sexual love, not even the love of friendship. That also, but in the first place love for God and one’s fellows.

Women love enhancement the earth’s beautiful facial features of their face- the eyes. Eye order can transform the whole endings of women. Makeup wright and specialists have developed various eye orders look for all occasions. Some of these are: – Natural, gradient, fisheye, simulacrum winged, graphic, colorful, Smokey, and cut rift makeup.

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