Full sensuous Branded fashion make up lips Archive without wrinkles are a hallmark of youth and beauty. Happily today there are many new non-surgical methods for correcting aging changes around the mouth. Let’s first understand why the ages and looks older.

What Causes Lip Wrinkles?

o Repeated Motion
-Pursing of the lips, whether by drinking through a straw, whistling, kissing or smoking is the essential cause of vertical lines on the lips. This is because a muscle, the Orbicularis Oris., which surrounds the, constricts the mouth and causes folds and lines in them during these activities.

o Thin Skin-The thinner your skin, the more visible the lines become. Over time, after many years and many repeated pursing of these lines in the become permanent indentations in the lips.

o Loss of Lip Volume-As our skin ages we lose collagen in the skin and the skin becomes lax. This makes wrinkles worse and also allows the lip to sag or become longer. Atrophy or loss of fat which occurs with facial aging also contributes to thinning of the lips.


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