It is not very often that there are colognes found that can be used by both men and women. There are few and one of them is Creed Silver Mountain cologne. It has that kind of scent that is neither feminine nor masculine.

The company itself has been producing elegant fragrances since the early 1800s. Their unisex cologne has been on the market since the year 1995. They have been providing men and women all over the world with their unique scents for quite some time.

Beginning with its simple yet classy box unisex. You know at first sight that you are looking at a cologne that exudes richness. The box is rectangular and is white in color but the company name and logo, Creed with an X below it, give it just the right touch. At the top, you will also find their crown of royalty that is found on all of their products. Although there are a few other varieties of packaging for this cologne, the rectangular white box is probably the one most often found.

The bottle is also a rectangular shape and is white similar to the box. The difference is that the company and X are white embossed lettering with the name of the color just below it in smaller letter size and in silver to match the silver cap.

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