Home Fragrance

Since the late, the fragrance industry has grown from a cottage industry to an industry with over 5 billion dollars in annual sales. Industry leaders like Glade and Yankee Candle have become household names. Modern science has allowed the growth of this industry. Just like flavors, scents can be natural or artificial. Artificial scents have been around since the and without artificial scents, the home fragrance industry would not exist. Most home home-fragrance have artificial elements and some may have a combination of both natural and artificial elements. By using artificial scents, companies can keep their product consistent and can keep their product cost down.home-fragrance Very few home fragrance companies design their products solely by themselves. Home fragrance companies often use chemists from outside perfumeries that work from guidelines or examples furnished by the client. These scientists narrow the choices and then refine the scent with input from the client.

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