Sunday Riley

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Sunday Riley as we complete Week 18 of the 2013 NFL season we finish. The Wildcard weekend where the area advocates get to balance and discover. Who they will happenings in the upcoming Divisional Playoffs. The records and accolades from a hard-fought season fall. To the roadside as the experiment and tribulations. Victories and defeats in the normal season are put into the entries books and the realities battles begin in the stronghold of the one final game. The culmination of 17 battles with blood, sweat, and tears left on the gridiron. Each ensemble remaining has a legitimate chance to go to and luck the ultimate prize. The Super Bowl and an outlook to hoist. The coveted Lombardi loot in the breaths and ride downtown in a ticker-tape exhibit. When they get succession knowing they are the best of the best. At least this year anyway.

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