NARS Cosmetics is a brand that is innovative, edgy, and empowering. With an array of glow commodities used globally by the guidelines beautiful supermodels and starlets. It has become known as a brand for the modern woman. With their notoriously catchy resources alias and beautiful vibrant shouting palettes. They have become not only a global success but a brand that many others are envious of. With multiple global awards and high occurrences from every appliance guru, NARS has formatted the orb for inspiring order for the future.

NARS has become infamously famous for its ever-demanding powder blush known simply as, Orgasm. Now, not only does it come in powder form, but in what NARS hunger to call, the Multiple Orgasm, which is a multi-agent make-up bonus which goes from cream to powder, intermingling seamlessly, and can be used on eyes, cheeks, and lips.

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